November 9th, 2005


Fighting Boredom With Poetry

It's Wednesday and colder,
I'm still at my desk.
Nothing is changing,
This must be a test.

I read and I write,
And I wait and I fret.
But I'll stop there,
It's boring, the rest.

One day I might find
A more promising career.
I guess I must wait
For another darn year.
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Calling All Rock Stars

I have to dress up as a rock star for some occasion which bugs me enough that I really would rather not discuss the reason. I emphasize, this is NOT my cup of tea. However, I am soliciting ideas, as I am not a music junkie.

I need an EASY costume that would be relatively identifiable. I know practically nothing of the music industry, nor what the rockers look like, nor what they play. I like what I like when I hear it, and that's about the extent of it most of the time.

A little about me: Female, short height, dark & medium length hair, small build, but wide face, caucasian, no glasses, limited clothing supply. Any ideas for my wife, should she attend, are also welcome.

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