December 3rd, 2005


A First Time for Everything

Last night, I was out dancing with some friends.  My wife was working.  It was country dancing (no mean-spirited jokes necessary... it's tons of fun and the closest thing I can get to ballrooom on a regular basis).  After a certain time, it turns into pop/hip-hop/I-don't-know.  Anyway, I was having an awesome time and the crowd was diverse and fun as usual. I danced to country, and to the later stuff.  Fun, fun, fun.  At the end of the evening, the place was nearly cleared out, except for the bar near the back.  My friends and I were some of the only few near the dance floor.  This very cute (but obviously gay) guy walks over slowly.  He's eyeing me.  He's smiling.  Like I said, he was cute.  He has this look, like he's trying to pick me up, not that I have too much experience with that.  Nonetheless, I'm thinking to myself, "Don't you realize this is a gay place?"  Then I'm thinking, "Don't you realize you are gay?"  He comes over.  Says hi to me, even though I'm among friends.  He holds out his hand and introduces himself.  I introduce myself back.  He asks if I want to meet his friend.  Um, wow.  That's NEVER happened to me before.  He says she thinks I'm really cute.  Of course, she's hiding somewhere, so I can't get a look, even though I'm really curious.  I'm also unavailable, which I tell him.  He says I should be flattered, it's a compliment.  I tell him I'm very flattered, which I AM!  Holy cow, I don't get hit on every day... or even twice in 30 years.  I think my attractiveness stock went up by moving to Maryland, and I'm not complaining. I just hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings.  I've been on the other side of that coin way too many times to count.  Wow, I think I'm still floating on a flattered cloud. 

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