January 5th, 2006



It's amazing how one small victory can cause a stirring deep inside one's soul.  A minor triumph, a quickening of the heart, a spring in the step, a pride in the play, a confidence in one's actions, a motivation for others... success.  Down by one goal with 10 minutes left in the 2nd half, our soccer team suddenly found its second wind.  One goal tied it up.  The momentum began.  The cheering from the sidelines, the rallying of the players, the other team getting scared.  I knew it was looking good when the opposing team called all of its players to drop back and play defense.  We had them on the run.  Momentum.  Suddenly, we had the energy to keep going, to keep pounding.  And we won!  Our last game of the season, but we won!  One little nick in the win column.  That's all I asked for.  And it felt good.

Momentum.  That's what it takes.  And it's what USC was lacking last night when they basically handed Texas a victory.  Sure, Texas earned much of it.  But whatever they didn't earn, USC handed to them on a platter.  After 34 games and a month off, they lacked the momentum to keep it going.  And their fans in the stadium lacked the momentum.  Where was the verbal protest that might have created enough stir to pump up the team and the coach to check the Replay?  Stunned silent.  Not momentum-driven.  I was stunned silent last night, too, after the game, dumbfounded by that effort.  That's not the #1 team kind of play.  That's the USC team that played when I went to school there.  Disappointing, truly disappointing.

That said, I hope our soccer team signs up for season 2 indoor, so we can keep the momentum going before the outdoor season starts.  It feels good to ride that momentum wave.

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I have this incredibly weird addiction to murder.  Not committing it, gosh no!  But I must watch Forensic Files or Cold Case Files, or American Justice, or SVU, or CSI or any other number of shows on a daily basis to get my fill.  I guess it's just the analytical side of me, trying to figure things out.  Kind of like SuDoku, I guess I'm just looking for puzzles to solve, to keep my mind active.  And it's also the psychology lover in me, trying to get into people's heads.

So, imagine my terror when I woke up this morning to find a whole bunch of rust-colored stains all over the bathtub.  It looked like a cleaned up murder scene.  I thought perhaps it was some cleaning product that created a film, since our cleaning person was at our home yesterday.  But when I went to shower, the stuff did not come off, even with pretty intense rubbing.  I'm also wondering why the brand-new head to my electric toothbrush fell off in my mouth this morning like it had been dropped and broken... or used to bash someone's head in!

On the "To Do" list today is a call to the cleaning person.  I hope there's some logical explanation for it, because the TV murder viewer inside of me is going nuts.

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