March 2nd, 2006


The Oscars?

Wow, I've really been out of L.A. a long time... I didn't even realize this Sunday was Oscar Sunday.  Someone dropped it in passing, and I had to ask, "Really??"  Academy Awards screening parties?  None.  How depressing for me.  I guess I will sit and watch alone.  At least I've seen all the Best Picture nominees this year already.  Of course, I only saw 2 of the nominees on the big screen, and one of those was almost an entire year ago!  The movies (and the cost) sure have changed.
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Why post nothing?

I haven't posted lately.  It's because nothing much is going on.  Is it bad form to post just for posting's sake?  There are plusses: Friends know you are still alive, and they hear about the "little" things even if those things aren't very exciting.  There are also minuses: Who wants to read "I did nothing today," since posting stuff and reading stuff is all about what is going on.  If nothing is going on, why post?

But, since I'm here, a few of the little things:

- Got kicked right above the kneecap on my good knee, FULL FORCE, in my last soccer game.  The good news is I was able to walk off the field.  The bruise is currently a nice shade of red & purple.

- Applied for, and didn't get, an amazing opportunity short-term job in Los Angeles on a MAJOR television show.  If I got it, you would have been jealous, I swear.  But no worries, I didn't get it.

- Went to a job fair last weekend and finally made some entertainment contacts out here.  Hopefully I'll be working inside of my field again not too far into the future.

- Made crab cakes, FROM SCRATCH.  For those who know me and know I don't cook, this was a huge accomplishment.

- Um, yeah, that's about it.  See, not much going on.  Oh, but I will likely be in L.A. for a week in April, depending on the job situation.  Hopefully I'll see some of you then!

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