July 6th, 2006



I am not a morning person.  Today I was up TOO early.  This after going to bed late, another powerful storm, and being roused from sleep at an unearthly hour by the BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ of the UPS letting me know the power went out... again!  It seems the power goes out with every storm here, as I was warned after my first storm last year.  So I guess it should be no surprise that, after turning off the UPS, I had trouble sleeping because the fan was no longer operational and it was probably 90 in the house and high humidity.  It should also be no surprise that my rough and tumble sleep was filled with dreams of power outages, tripped breakers, and cat puke... only to be realized when I woke up to (surprise!) power outages and cat puke.  The mind is a wonderful and mysterious thing.  Now I am tormented by the fact that I went to work without restarting the UPS (no phone service) or without resetting the VCR for tonight's Big Brother All-Stars.  And disturbing as all that may be, I really just want to go to bed.
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