August 17th, 2006


My Kind of Town...

I have been known on multiple occasions to say I would never want to live in Chicago.  And, because of the weather, that is still largely the case.  However, I just returned from a much-needed trip and I have to say, Chicago was awesome!  While this was not at all a vacation, it was still a much-needed getaway.  And the town did not disappoint.  The weather held beautfiully the entire trip and the activities, as hectic as they all were, totally hit the spot.

My "vacation" as it were, started on Thursday, the day the terror plot was uncovered.  However, I kid you not, I got through both check-in AND security in less than 10-15 minutes combined.  I was so early, in fact, I was behind 3 other flights at my gate.  I wish I could say the same for the plane, which was delayed about an hour.  And on the receiving end, baggage claim was a bit of a nightmare, tacking on another additional hour.  That said, my weekend consisted of a wedding, parties, a little sight-seeing, and eating, eating, eating.  Unfortunately, I kid you not when I say that I think I gained a real 5-10 pounds this past week.  But I ate WELL.  Aside from all of the wedding-related activities, I also experienced Little Joe's, the famous Pizzeria Due's, ice cream from Oberweiss, and HOT caramel corn (and some cheese corn - the Chicago mix) fresh from Garrett's.  But don't say I didn't have any self-control.  I skipped the 3am White Castle run... I was just too darn exhausted!  

Of course, being too darn tired is nothing that "the world's best bed... EVER!" couldn't fix.  One night comped at the Ritz-Carlton is not something I could pass up.  WOW!  It was so worth the zero dollars I spent!!!  All kidding aside, when they talk service, they mean it.  I so want one of those beds (which I peaked and learned was a Sealy made exclusively for the Four Seasons hotels.)  And the view of Lake Michigan from the window was incredible!  Oh, did I mention the weather was so nice I even swam in the lake?  Well, I did.  And it's wonderful, not a thing like the ocean.  The water was a good temperature, not salty, and it's a gradual decline, so you can walk far out and still only be up to your knees - so clear and blue it looked like the Mediterranean!  Also, it is nice and sandy, not filled with algae and rocks.  My feet were grateful!

Bonus points: I saw my beautiful niece!  Yes, my kind of town, Chicago was.
Bonus #2: Returning and finding my newly acquired passport in the mail, a reminder that I need to turn around and get out of town again as quickly as possible!
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