August 25th, 2006


The Dream

Frog #1 hopped along the muddy banks of a river, dazed by what just happened.  Something swirly and dizzy-like.  It bounced around a corner and suddenly saw a mystical shimmering pond, with glassy water and blue skies overhead.  Muttering something about, "It's gotta be around here someplace," Frog #1 turned its head and took sight of a perfectly cushioned lily pad, the second one on the right.  And the frog sat there for a good long time.  It was thinking about something, something bad from the expression on its face... who really knows, it was all swirly inside.  All Frog #1 kept saying was "It's kharma... whatever you do comes back to you ten-fold," or something like that.  It was a beautiful place, but the frog was all alone.  And quite obviously, lonely.  And there it sat, for what appeared to be years.  One day, Frog #2 appeared.  Seemingly out of nowhere.  #2 said "I almost didn't make it, because I was left behind.  But I didn't forget and I decided to come anyway."  And the two frogs sat for a while.  #1 used to remember everything, and these swirly notions consumed its brain day & night.  But now, suddenly, #1 went blank, and couldn't remember a thing.  #2 never seemed to remember anything.  But now, in this shimmering pond, suddenly had all kinds of memories.  And the two sat, both their worlds seemingly turned upside down.  And the water started to swirl around them and the sky pulled downward like a tornado, and the colors blended like a rainbow on an oil slick.  And they were sucked in, never to be heard from again.

One of my friends gave me a "Prosperity Frog" before I moved back east.  She told me in Asian cultures the frog is a symbol of prosperity.  It sits in the cupholder of my car.  Maybe that explains this... or maybe not.  Of course, my car is falling apart. 
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