October 10th, 2006


Least Trash Possible

We hope we've succeeded in making our house the least possible "white trash" house in the neighborhood under the circumstances.  The woodpecker returned every day since his arrival, including the day it poured and the day after dousing the side of the house with bug spray.  The "reliable" pest control backed out and decided they no longer wanted to get involved.  The Department of Natural Resources pretty much said "We're so sorry to hear that, yeah that sucks, no you can't do anything about it, good luck."  Well, that's the summary version of it.  Of course, they also had the suggestion of providing a feeder away from the house to attract the birds to a food source not ON our house.  When I asked if this could possibly attract more woodpeckers to the area, he said "Yes, that's the risk."  So, we gathered all of the suggestions, had our house inspected for bugs (none, thank goodness, the damn pecker just likes the sound of his own drum), and quickly eliminated the trashiest: pie pans, pinwheels, streamers, and the air-soft gun (for now).  We now have 5 silver mylar balloons hanging from 2 corners of our home.  Lovely.  There won't be someone home all day until tomorrow to see if it worked.  And the neighbors must think we're having a party... or we're nuts... or both.