November 7th, 2006



OK, right now, JUST now (well, maybe 2 minutes ago, since I had to absorb and then write about it), I was sitting at my desk at work, when I heard a bird outside the window.  You don't hear birds outside much, cause the walls are thick and they don't hang out near the building much, since it's on preserved land and the birdies have plenty of other good spots to go.  But there was a fluttering tweeter, and I turned around just in time to see a bright red cardinal sitting on the edge of the window calling to me.  There isn't much of a perch, he was kind of hanging on sideways, like saying hello... I turned, smiled, and he flew off.  That made my day.

(on the other side of bird news, after about a month of woodpecker respite from the mylar balloons, Woody returned yesterday, pecking at the exact same spots we'd already begun to patch with wood filler... I'm going to buy a BB soon)
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