November 5th, 2008


No Words

I am utterly speechless today on this glorious of days.  Tears of joy listening to Obama's speech last night.  Sadness over the news of Prop 8.  But otherwise, speechless and awed.
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No Words, Part 2

Earlier, no words for my mouth.  Later, no words for my eyes.  On the way to work, there wasn't a single newspaper to be found.  Not even the discarded commuter papers you find all over the metro or in the recylce bins.  None in the news racks on my walk in.  None on my lunchtime walk in a 12+ block radius that I wandered, including at the Post headquarters just 2 blocks from my work.  None at the newstand.  None at the CVS.  Borders bookstore even had a sign on the door turning people away saying "We have NO U.S. newspapers in stock at all."  It was 2:30pm and I must have run into dozens of other people still trying to find one.  Shows you what an historic day this is.  Shows you that you should always purchase a newspaper subscription in advance of any potentially historic day. 

Too bad no one working was aware how valuable a commodity these papers had become.  When I got back to the office, I noticed the daily paper sitting in it's spot on the filing cabinet where no one had yet to pay attention.  I asked where the daily paper goes every day and they told me they recyle it.  I asked if I could have it, and they said "sure."  Last copy in the whole city, I bet!  :)
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