December 6th, 2008


My holiday "plan"

In a follow-up to my "Friends Only" previous post, I'm posting this to "Everyone", since I know I have a few friend lurkers.  The summary being that this past year has not been too positive.  In an effort to turn things in a more positive direction, I have decided to try and volunteer over the holidays this year.  It will be the first time I don't have a Christmas since I got married in the first place (we still sort of had one even though we weren't "together" for the past few years).  And though I'm not Christian, it did become a tradition that I think I will miss.  So, I will try to do something productive, try to boost the good kharma a little.  I'm soliciting suggestions. 

Similarly, I am EXTREMELY minimizing my card and gift lists this year.  Should you be one of those who does not hear personally from me, know that I think of all my friends often, and you are not forgotten.  However, I am opting out of stamps and cards and gifts to people who, for the most part, like me, need nothing more than good friends and good conversation, and time to tend to both.  I am instead opting toward a larger gift to charities this year.  I'm still figuring out which ones, but am leaning toward Leukemia & Lymphoma research (on behalf of my mother), and probably an organization dealing with wildlife (as wildlife has given me much more pleasure than humans for much of my life in general, and recently in particular).  I encourage you all to do the same.  If anyone is thinking of me, I'd love a phone call or a visit, but other than some better kharma and more time with friends and family, there is nothing material that I am lacking (except for perhaps a GPS, which I am planning on gifting to myself this year). 

I wish you all the best of health and happiness this holiday season and always.
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