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This Day is for the Birds...

 ... NOT!

(2letuseemeshould skip this post.  With all due respect and poor coincidence of timing, her beloved pet bird passed early this a.m.  My greatest condolences.)

Now, in other "Day for the Birds" news: My friend arrived in plenty of time to get to West Virginia and join the tubing group.  It turned into BEAUTIFUL weather and an all day advnture.  I was quite happy.  Can't say the same for the winged creatures that crossed my path.  On the drive to West Virginia, I swear this bird fell out of the sky.  It didn't appear to fly into me, instead it rather fell in front of my car moving 65 mph on the highway where I heard a plentiful smack on the grill.  I looked in the rear view mirror, but didn't see anything fall.  I was hoping that was my imagination.  When we arrived at the meet-up spot, I had my less-squeamish friend take a look at the grill.  When she started to look and said "I see feathers," I thought she was kidding.  When she said "No, really, I see feathers," I knew she was not making it up.  I peeked over the hood and you could see full plumage sticking up.  I charged her with the task of taking a better look.  When she did, she apparently found the bird implanted head first into my grill, and she couldn't fully get it out.

We proceeded with the application of the bug spray and sunscreen, and began the awesome tubing adventure.  It was truly awesome.  Purely relaxing, sunshine, great weather, and a decent picnic lunch included.  :)   A wonderful summer day indeed, just what I wanted - with one exception.  Throughout the day, butterflies, dragonflys, and any other random winged creatures felt it was their duty to hurl themselves at me in rare suicidal form.  Fortunately, the mosquitoes kept away and the other adventurous types were spared a similar death sentence.

When we returned to the car, rigor had set in, and the stick my friend retrieved from the river worked much better in prying the remains of the Oriole from my grill, save a few tiny feathers.  It was too late for a car wash when I got home, but I figured I could quickly hose it down.  After a MUCH needed shower from a day on the river, I went outside at 7:30pm-ish to get the hose and do the deed.  But darn those winged creatures.  The second they saw an opening for revenge, they took it!  With the shower having washed my Deet away, in a matter of 3 minutes I incured probably over 15 mosquito bites all over my legs and feet.  ARGH!!!!!  This day was for the birds, indeed.


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