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Good & Bad


- Weather.
- Mom's first chemo went better than anticipated.  And she seems happy with her wig.
- Olympics opening ceremonies.  Wow!  That's all I can say... Wow!


- Really bad mosquito bites, despite my Deet efforts.
- Bad attempt at touching up the paint on my bumper.
- REALLY bad haircut (I am NOT amused that it is not only bad, but also short).
- Prospects with GICA.  Why do I always have to get crazy about people who aren't interested back?  And might I add, really, that even up to and including my wife, no one has really loved me in the way I've always wanted.  So it isn't even a matter of being crazy about people who don't like me, but really, why does no one like me that way at all?
- Lonely... yes, still fixating on GICA.  It deserves 2 bullets, what's it to ya?
- Working too many hours.
- Knee.  Tried biking into DC yesterday.  Got within a mile before I hit the wall, diverted to Silver Spring, and had to call for a ride.
- Cardio.  See above.
- The good list isn't longer. 

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