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Knee Confusion

OK, so here's some interesting and thoroughly unhelpful information.  I went to get a 2nd opinion on the knee, which was good timing since I hurt it again this past weekend.  But... 2nd doc says EXACTLY opposite of 1st doc, so I think I'm gonna make an appointment for a 3rd to see who he agrees with.

1st doc said he didn't think there was a tear. If so, it was small, the real problem was the cyst, which was too deep and thick to aspirate and more complicated than arthroscopic surgery would handle and wouldn't guarantee a fix. He thought it was a lot to go through for no guarantee, and said it may be a life problem. He recommended I just avoid high impact sports like soccer and exercise it.  2nd doc said PT wouldn't fix this problem, and evidence so far seems #2 is accurate at least in that regard.  When I told 2nd doc that 1st prescribed PT, before I could tell him results he said "that won't work."

2nd Doc says there is definitely a tear, whereas the 1st doc said not.  He said I don't have to have surgery, wait and see if it gets better a little longer, but if I decide to, he does think he can fix it with arthroscopic surgery.  And he said not to go easy on it like 1st doc said, but to do things like normal and that would determine if I can function normally or if i need to have the surgery. He says unless it’s excruciating, he usually waits about 3 months to see if it will heal on its own, which he said should put me around Labor Day.  It will definitely hurt if the meniscus catches again, which is what he thinks happened in June and this past weekend, but the sport itself is not harming me. It's just a tear getting caught. He said it could be very painful, but then I'll know I need to take care of it, or not, as opposed to first doc’s advice to just avoid sports and doing what I would normally do.  He said sometimes you do have to give up a sport for some reason, but if the solution is for me to sit around, do nothing, and get fat, then it’s not living my life normally how I’d want to and I should do something about it.

So, if I do what 2nd doc says and just go for it, could be in a lot of pain soon, but then will get surgery. He says wait until after Labor Day... He usually waits 3 months to see if something will get better on it's own, and Labor Day would be around 3 months. If it hurts he recommends surgery after that.

I'd say I agree with 2nd doc, but I'm really confused by the fact that a supposedly good doc with a good reputation says they don't see a tear when another says it's obvious.  That concerns me. And I don't know how to read the darn thing, so I can't tell.  Also, 2nd knew about cyst and could definitely see it, it's obvious on MRI.  He said he could go and repair the tear and remove the cyst at the same time.  He made less of a deal about the cyst than the tear, 1st doc was opposite.
It’s SO opposite the first doc, I feel like I need a 3rd opinion. For one to say there is no tear and the other to say there is definitely an obvious tear is too contradictory for my comfort level.  They both looked at the same MRI

I am thinking about going to #3 and just not say anything, see what he says.  I have a good recommendation for a 3rd, so that's my plan. I hope my insurance doesn't have a fit, but I guess for my knees I should be sure.


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