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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

It was a HOT weekend, and I'm not complaining one bit.  After a very fall-like August, I am thrilled to realize that this year did not pass without any summer-like weather.  Meanwhile, leaves are piling up in the yard, so I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible. 

Yesterday I began my rowing class.  Not exactly what I was waiting to hear, the instructors informed us that "many people believe rowing is an arm sport, but it's really more of a leg sport."  Uh oh.  But so far, so good with the knee and we'll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, all the people going in and out of the rowhouse had the hottest legs, abs and shoulders I've seen in quite a long time, so no complaints here! 

Yesterday we got the introduction, safety video, a glossary of terms, learned how to lift the shell, worked on the ergs (indoor rowing machines) for quite a while, and got a short little introduction on barges.  So far, so good.  Today, we did about an hour and a half on the ergs, and an hour or so on the river in the barges.  I think we get into the real shells next week.  In 95 degree weather with high humidity, it was quite hot but I really enjoyed it, and the people so far are extremely nice.  I admit it's a pricey sport and I'm a little worried I'm making friends and learning a sport right before it shuts down for the winter, but I hope to make some friends that might tell me what they do in the winter.  I'm feeling quite bad about my social life lately and really need have some energy imported into that area.  I have an unreciprocated crush on the roomie moving in in November, and so I really need to find a distraction before then so I can enjoy the company without feeling TOO bad about the rest.  Rowing isn't soccer, but I'm enjoying it so far, it's a distraction from work, good exercise, and yet again the opportunity to learn something new, which I always enjoy!  :)

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