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I am SO screwed up

I rarely remember my dreams, but last night, I remembered this one. I was watching my pet komodo dragon in it's glass aquarium. He looked like a little T-rex, but kind of cute. Then I noticed my cat was in there with the komodo, and she was trying to sleep all cuddled in a ball next to the dragon. I think my dad asked why she'd cuddle with the dragon, it wasn't very soft and cuddly and I remember thinking it's all she has, she'll take what she can get. My dad was watching me play with them, and then I remember thinking that even though the dragon was kind of cute, it was still very dangerous and my dad should be careful, and so should the cat. Just then, the dragon and the cat mysteriously escaped the glass aquarium and the komodo ran off somewhere, and I started chasing after the cat. As I ran after her, I noticed the cutest baby lamb off the side, just sitting there, as if smiling. My cat ran to the edge of the property and dove into a swamp. I dove in after her and got there just in time to see her sink in, but the water was too murky to see anything and I couldn't duck my head under because I wear contacts and if I opened my eyes I would lose them. I called my dad over and he jumped in to help. I don't know if we were successful. I woke up.

As random as all of this might seem, it makes SO much sense. I'm working on a show about T-Rex dinosaurs, and they are working on a model of a baby T-rex. Though I haven't seen it, this project has been a pain, so it's probably in my subconscious somewhere. Join that with the fact that I've been in a cuddly mood but there's nothing available in that regard and maybe I should take what I can get, but that could be dangerous in some ways in the long run. And I'm trapped in this job and just want to escape. Not to mention the worry over my frogs in their glass aquarium and how they're doing.  And then, yesterday, on my drive home, I passed the cutest little deer who just seemed to be staring at me, smiling. And yes, I feel like I'm drowning at my job and could use some help... and don't know how any of it will turn out.

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