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September 23

I know I'm tired when I try to exit the Metro Station's turnstile by using my car's FOB.

I swam 1/2 mile (OK, doesn't sound like a lot, but for me, it IS) and that made me feel better about my half class of rowing last week. Don't feel like getting into it, but let's just say pretty soon I'm going to need a discussion with the rowing people about overbooking and fair use. We only rowed on Sunday because I went to my first Regatta on Saturday. Maybe by this time next year, I'll actually be racing in it!

Anyway, today's my mom's birthday... and I admit I was really disappointed that she had to spend her birthday in chemo. But, she did get a present after all. She is in remission! She still has to finish the last 3 chemo treatments, but early remission is a very good sign for future health. And she is now cancer-free!

And today I brought Ernie a gift too. 2 new snails for his tank. Slick and Sunny took over the tank very quickly and are very active for snails. Ernie seemed to be quite scared at first, but I think everyone will be happy to have some company.

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