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I don't think I've ever heard traffic reports that mention street closures and traffic snarls due to "Transition Headquarters activities"... until now.  Oh, it's gonna be a fun few months.  And I say that with sincerity.  The other great thing about being in DC during this exciting time is that apparently I get Inauguration Day off of work.  Now, if only I could score tickets!

In other DC news, my Protest of the Week is hitting a very important chord this weekend, as the No on H8 campaign is taking it from the Capitol to the White House.  I haven't yet decided if I'm willing to brave the cold and rain.  I know it's important enough to.  I'm just feeling a bit under the weather and have been working like a dog and have to still for the next 6 weeks and a little afraid of running myself into the ground.  I know, a small price to pay for such an important message.  And yet, still bitter on the whole marriage thing, I'm having a little trouble motivating in general, despite the fact that this discriminatory proposition angers and saddens me so much at the same time.  I feel quite hypocritical and guilty for even considering bailing on the event.  And yet, something tells me I'll be watching on TV.

Update 11/15:  Heh, heh... Guess I overlooked a little economic summit also happening today with most of the world's leaders.  Indeed, a DC day after all.  Speaking of a DC day, I'm sure the protest against H8 must have been mostly rained out in the DC area, so I don't think I missed too much.  Instead I've been focussing back to L.A., where I hear my folks are as close to evacuating for fires as they've ever been before.  I think they're safe, but they're definitely breathing smoke.

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