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Better, sort of

Had an AWFUL work week, but I am feeling better after a friend forced me out last night after work.  That's twice I've needed the nudge to put work 2nd, and twice it's paid off.  If only I could recruit these friends to pester me every day, I might actually have a life.

In any case, I had a wonderful dinner last night with a friend and her friend and I felt like a million bucks when I got home at 11:30pm, even after a grueling week.  It was just such good conversation and exchnage of ideas, I can't wait to do it again!  And tonight I went out for dinner with my new roomie and she finally showed me what she's been constructing in the basement.  There has been a lot of woodwork and activity the past week, but it was supposed to be a "surprise."  I was sure she was making a platform to raise her bed off the floor, and she let me believe it.  But holy cow!! was I surprised when today I saw her new desk.  She made it fit into the tiny room like a built-in and re-arranged the whole room around it.  It's fantastic.  And she did it all by herself after work on her own... in a week.  I feel so lazy and untalented.  While I am utterly impressed with my roommate, man I wish I knew how to do stuff like that.  She said she just teaches herself.  Think of it, and then just figure it out.  My first problem: thinking of it.  It's fantastic! and yet I wouldn't have thought of it in a million years.  I lived in that dinky awful room for 2 years and in a week she made it an amazing living space.  I am so jealous! 

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